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Network Engineer (On-site) 100k - 140k

Hartford, CT ยท Information Technology

This role requires a commitment of 40 hours per week, on-site at the customer's location, with the possibility of additional work hours and on-call support for critical issues, which will be compensated with Comp time. Your responsibilities include:

1. Conducting network information gathering workshops with the Customer to comprehend the Customer's existing network design and the technical prerequisites for new network designs.

2. Understanding the Customer's organizational structure and familiarizing yourself with the Customer's network implementation and support processes and procedures to facilitate the maintenance of a robust and sustainable network.

3. Performing testing of new designs, features, and functionalities in a laboratory setting as required by the Customer, and assisting in the formulation of implementation plans to verify their correct operation in the live network.

4. Testing patches and fixes for operating software and ensuring their proper implementation and functionality in both the pre-production test network and the live network, in accordance with implementation plans.

5. Troubleshooting equipment and network issues, and managing JTAC cases from inception to resolution for both pre and post-production problems.

6. Initiating equipment Return Material Authorizations (RMA's) and monitoring them through to resolution.

7. Generating written summary reports periodically to update the Customer on the status of Design projects, equipment, and network issues.

8. Conducting technology workshops with the Customer to address equipment and network problems, providing case status updates, including explanations for encountered issues, and detailing the workarounds or solutions being pursued.

9. Training the Customer's design, implementation, and support personnel in configuring and operating Juniper Networks products.

10. Assisting the Customer in developing Network Operating and Equipment Operating Procedures.

11. Providing support for Juniper product applications within the Customer's production environment.

12. Contributing to the definition of best practice policies for Juniper product applications used by the Customer.

13. Collaborating with other Resident Engineers in similar roles to share knowledge and insights, especially related to major network upgrades or changes.

14. Developing secondary skills in other products within the Juniper product portfolio.

**Base Qualifications**

Candidates for this position must meet the following criteria:

1. A minimum of 5 years of experience in providing implementation and technical support for networking products in LAN, WAN, or Internet services environments.

2. Demonstrated competencies in strong interpersonal skills, the ability to collaborate effectively with various levels of customer engineering and management, and the capability to work closely with the Juniper account team and Technical Assistance Center.

3. Detailed technical expertise in the installation and operation of IP Routers, Switches, and Firewalls, including hands-on experience with management tools and network analyzers.

4. In-depth understanding of IP network protocols, including TCP/IP fundamentals, IP subnetting, hierarchical routing principles, routing protocol operations (such as OSPF and BGP), routing policies at BGP peering points, VPNs, and associated tunneling technologies (e.g., L2TP, MPLS, etc.), switching, spanning tree, and other relevant switching technologies, as well as Firewalls and related technologies.

5. The ability to function effectively within a team environment, taking on tasks with self-direction and responding to direction from the customer, account team, and Advanced Services Management.

6. Strong communication skills within the Juniper team, including the ability to articulate customer problems before they escalate and proactively address issues when possible.

7. Hands-on configuration and operational knowledge of Juniper Networks router, security, and switching products, with a commitment to continuous learning and expanding your knowledge.

8. Responsibilities include configuring, deploying, managing, and supporting various products, such as MX204, MX10003, ACX6360, ACX2200, EX2300, EX4400, SRX340, Paragon, and Anuta, along with experience in EVPN/MPLS, configuring and deploying L2/L3VPN pseudo-wire services, segment routing, virtual chassis configuration, setup, BGP, MPLS, and L2/L3 services.

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